Time tracker

The accurate time tracker for easy reports

Claimora for HRs allows to track and record the working hours of all employees of the company.

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A full fledged time tracker designed specifically to comply with the labor code.


Even the smallest companies can afford to work according to modern standards thanks to flexible tariff plans


Claimora is so simple and easy to use that you can use it in any area, from IT to strawberry harvesting farms!


Claimora grows rapidly because it swiftly integrates new features based on the needs and feedback of the partners.


Claimora is FREE forever for teams up to 4 people

No strings attached. If your team has 4 employees or less, then you simply do not pay anything. Learn more about pricing.

For teams of more than 4 people, we have developed flexible and affordable tariff plans, €5 euros per month.

Track contracts

Each employee has their own contract with unique working hours and the number of vacations

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Easy Claim

Easily specify your working hours, breaks and time off. If necessary, the claim can be edited.

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Use Anywhere

Claimora is easily accessible from both a desktop computer and any mobile device.

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We got you covered!

We take care of all the routine work while you are doing what you love!